About Us

Mike & Dee Brown love the lake and all the joy it brings to families. They are committed to helping their customers by making sure your boats are ready to provide the fun you want without worrying about the safety they need.

As family people ourselves, we understand the importance of safety on our own boats. We know how distracting it can be for you to constantly be watching out for everyone, instead of just enjoying your time on the water. We want to provide services that make it possible for everyone to simply relax and enjoy your time at the lake.

Services we provide

We add a third pontoon to your boat so you get a smooth ride and provide extra safety when pulling a wake board or tube.

We offer restoration services. So you can keep the boat you love looking as good as new.

We install grills, wake board racks, water slides, and more. Making the water fun easier to organize.

Get in touch with us so we can talk about your pontoon needs.

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