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We understand your boat is a connection to friends and family. A little wear and tear on your dream boat? In addition to installation on third pontoon kits, we can replace, repair or upgrade anything. Imagine like-new electronics, and entertainment systems. We can upgrade and repair interiors. We’ll even fix vinyl, fabric and provide custom detailing making your dream boat look and feel new.

3rd Pontoon Installation

Boat Restoration

Pontoon Trailers

3rd Pontoon Installation

Installation of a third pontoon can provide your boat with a smoother and safer ride. We can be with you from the beginning. We sell and install the pontoons from Pontoon Wholesalers, making sure you get the best treatment from beginning to end.

We’ll help you outfit your boat with the right pontoon from our selection of Wholesale Pontoons.


Has this ever happened to you? When you don’t have a third pontoon to balance your boat you run the risk of dipping your nose and causing damage to your ride. Especially if you pull skiers, wakeboards, or tubes. But don’t worry, we can fix it.


Safety Tips

Remember to prepare the people you care about on the water. Always check your gear and equipment before getting on the water. Check your fire extinguisher, oars, and life preservers. All of your passengers need a fitting life jacket, and when you have someone in the water remember to have your spotter hold your flag high in the air to warn other boats in the area to keep an eye out for your passenger.

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